Logistics & Supply Chain Optimization

Your supply chain is critical to your overall business strategy and can influence a significant percentage of operating results. Supply chain optimization is the practice of combining resources in a supply chain with the intent of eliminating bottlenecks and other problems that interfere with the process and helping the supply chain function in a more smooth, timely and cost-effective manner. A supply chain is optimized when it is meeting or exceeding its customer service objectives and it is operating at minimal total supply chain costs and minimal.

Companies have made tremendous strides in automating transaction processing and data capture related to supply chain and logistics operations. While these innovations have reduced cost by reducing manual effort, their greatest impact is yet to come. They are the essential enablers for optimizing supply chain and logistics decisions. Supply chain and logistics optimization is neither easy nor cheap but it is the biggest opportunity for most companies to significantly reduce their cost and improve their performance. For most supply chain and logistics operations there is an opportunity to reduce cost by 10% to 40% by making better decisions.

Supply chain optimization can help define, recommend, and set flexible supply chain strategies based on your organization’s operations, resources, and other capabilities. Our consulting process enables you to test strategies or perform sensitivity analyses prior to your supply chain implementation.