Multimix Academy Export House

Multimix Export House is Nigeria’s pioneer and leading Export Management Company. Our Services are a strategic link in the export process for companies of all sizes and degrees of export experience. Our Export Management Service is especially crucial to companies wishing to penetrate new markets or expand their current exporting business but lacking the expertise, physical facilities or other resources needed for such an international undertaking.

We provide Export consultancy services for both buyers and sellers in the global supply chain. We are also traders of products ourselves using our knowledge and experience as an Export Management Company to help your business gain entry into new markets across the globe. Our solutions add real value and support international growth and sales. On the procurement side, we can provide professional representation for your company, helping source and procure new products and services.

To be the one stop shop for Export Supply Chain Services in Nigeria & Africa

Mission statement:

MHS is dedicated to being the preferred Export Management Company (EMC) of both buyers and sellers of products, by assisting them in maximizing business opportunity in international markets. We do this by the belief that we grow together and realize common vision, common goals and the determination to expand business bilaterally. We promise to deliver cost effective Export Supply Chain Solutions with cutting technology and top class human capital

At MEH, we take particular pride in our ability to listen to our clients and build open, forthright and positive relationships with them. We approach and perform each project based on the client’s unique objectives, needs, characteristics, organizational personality, specific requirements and desired outcomes.

Our client philosophy is exemplified by our unique 4-Point Commitment to You, Our Client:

    1. We place your interests first by providing objective and independent advice.
    2. We perform only those services that we are qualified to perform.
    3. We partner with you to create competitive, operational and economic value.
  • We warrant that our work will be materially beneficial to your organization and performed to the highest standards of our profession.


4pl Total Warehouse Solutions

Warehouse roles are evolving in response to changes in the supply chain, market conditions and customer expectations. Warehouses are a critical function that is frequently overlooked, yet the benefits from effective control and administration can be substantial. An efficiently managed warehouse is the core of a successfully run business.

As a leader in Supply Chain Management solutions and services, Multimix unique skillset enables us to provide through our subsidiary 4pl ltd, Total warehouse management solutions focused on achieving your financial targets with an unparalleled commitment to quality.

4plWe want to make sure you have all the services you need in one place. We offer a wide range of warehouse and logistics services.


  • Helping to greatly reduce labor and company costs by providing the work-force and insurance needed.
  • Making sure that your needs are met to the fullest and that it is done with the highest level of service in the industry.
  • Helping you increase your productivity and grow your business.
  • Providing trained employees to help maximize the efficiency of your operation




Your employees are a vital part of determining the success of your business. Finding the best employees for each position requires strong recruitment strategies. Top talent will not always find you. You must seek out people to fill the positions that you have open. Recruiting the most qualified candidates will ensure that your employees keep your company running smoothly.


We fill temporary, part-time, or direct hire open warehouse jobs at the facilities you operate, 4pl Staffing can help you find the employees you need. With exceptional screening and recruiting to help find workers who know what it’s like to handle warehouse jobs, coupled with training and orientation, our workers are ready to hit the ground running upon placement


Benefits for employers

  • Motivated recruits who add value from day one
  • Expert advice and guidance to align your needs with your operations
  • Increased retention and improved attendance
  • Increased loyalty and commitment
  • Improved return on investment



End to end logistics solutions including:

  • Warehousing/Distribution Services
  • Logistics Process Improvement
  • Documentation Services (Trade As Well As Warehousing Documentation)
  • Import/ Export Facilitation Services

·        Freight Forwarding Services


  • Reduced total delivered cost for your customer
  • Improved customer service through shorter shipment times
  • Reduced inventory costs through better management
  • Improved focus on core competency
  • Increased shipment visibility
  • Risk reduction

Warehouse Design, Racking & Materials Handling

Depending on client requirements, we use any or all racking pallet types: Wide Aisle, Very Narrow Aisle (VNA), Double Deep, Dynamic Drive-In, Push Back and Pallet Live solutions

Whether you are looking for a storage system for a large logistics centre, a commercial bay, an industrial yard, a retail stock room, a farm shop or residential garage, we can deliver a system to match your needs.

  • Selective pallet racking
  • Push-back racking
  • Drive-in racking
  • Pallet flow and carton flow systems
  • Conveyor &  pick & pack systems
  • Material handling systems.(Forklift Services)





The decision to outsource the labor and management of your in-house warehouse to a third-party logistics company is a difficult but critical decision in today’s economy.  For companies managing their own warehousing operations the unseen costs that emerge are frequently the safety, quality and efficiency of an operation. The best alternative to avoid those costs is to outsource those functions to a competent and proven logistics services company.


Contract Warehousing

There are a variety of warehousing options available to businesses of all sizes. Some companies choose to build and maintain their own spaces while others opt for a leased space. One of the most popular options is a contract warehouse space. Some benefits include lower costs, lower capital investment, guaranteed periods of service and reliability.


Advantages of contract warehousing include a specialized labor force, facility, and standard operating procedures designed specifically to the Client’s operation. This ensures an abundance of resources as the Client does not have to share labor, equipment, dock doors, or floor space with other Clients.


Typical Contract Warehousing Services

  • Daily critical inventory reporting
  • Cycle counting
  • Productivity reports
  • Order replenishment
  • Shelf-life management
  • Reverse logistics management
  • Real-time reporting
  • Vendor compliance management to avoid charge backs
  • Recall management