Productivity Improvement

Business and industry is always concerned about productivity, but even more so in touch economic times. At a firm or industry level, productivity growth is important because it means businesses can meet their obligations to workers, shareholders, and governments (taxes and regulation), and still remain competitive or even improve their competitiveness in the market place. Employers can improve productivity among workers by improving working conditions and eliminating obstacles that get in the way of workers performing at their best.

Addressing all of the drivers can help to make a workplace more successful, in a way that contributes to both employee and employer needs. Workplaces that attend to the drivers  of  productivity also tend to offer more interesting  jobs at  higher    rates of pay and provide greater job satisfaction for workers. What we simply do is to work on these three drivers:
  1. The internal motivation and drive of individuals.
  2. The performance norms of teams.
  3. The organizational dimensions and overall culture of the company.