The business world has changed forever. In the 1960s, 70s, and, also somewhat in the 1980s, small businesses only had to be concerned with local issues and competitors. This is not the case currently, nor are things going to return to the old ways. We are currently in the super competitive 21st Century, where global competition, almost instantaneous information availability, and an emerging global marketplace have changed the rules of the game.

With the increasing complexity of international trade and the movement of goods internationally and the increased burden of regulation especially, freight forwarding can no longer continue to be every body’s business. Freight forwarders need to up the skill of their workforces to lighten the burden of ensuring compliance with regulations and customer requirements. Staff awareness of the consequences of their everyday actions is essential if needless errors and bad practice are to be avoided. It is much cheaper to get it right the first time. Increasingly, the law is putting the onus on the directorship and management of business, both civil and criminal.

To keep pace with the growth of todays (and tomorrow’s) information technology, workers in this Industry must become true professionals proficient in the application of these technologies in a globally oriented, deregulated work environment.


  1. A long standing Freight Forwarder that requires Certification for your experience?
  2.  A new and upcoming freight forwarder that needs to advance your career?
  3.  An aspiring freight forwarder without any experience?
  4.  A victim of unemployment who wishes to build a career in global logistics?
  5. Looking for a career transition opportunity that is sure to pay?

Then this course is for you!


  • International Freight forwarding Practice
  • Incoterms and Global Logistics
  • Exporting Importing Environment
  • Documentation for the Global Village
  • Customs Management