Services - WHAT WE DO

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Consultancy Services

Supply Chain Consulting

Our Logistics & Supply Chain Consulting aims to optimize logistics performance and increase supply chain visibility in order to develop more profitable and efficient operations.

Professional Education in Logistics and International Business Management

Multimix provides a variety of educational opportunities to prepare today's workers for tomorrow's challenges. Multimix is constantly developing new programs for professionals looking to improve their skills and knowledge.

Import/Export Coaching & Consulting

You can avoid costly errors by using the expertise and knowledge of professionals when you consider the significant activity of opening a new export business or expanding an existing business into new markets. You will benefit from our targeted consulting sessions which provide valuable guidance, information and contacts that will help you make informed decisions, reduce your risk, and achieve success. You can count on us to guide you every step of the way.

Process Improvement and Business Strategy

Organizations are under increasing pressure to improve their service and flexibility while spending less. Our team can help you make your company more efficient and effective. We help organizations improve their quality work, both from the perspective of shareholders, customers, and employees. These include Problem definition, Root cause analysis, quantification, solution identification, and solution prioritization.


People often feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to do, and that there is no one they can delegate it to. They are not certain that they will meet deadlines and will pay sufficient attention to important projects, even if they do delegate.

Recruitment Services

Our service in recruiting is only available to those who work in the key industries. i.e. Global Trade, Logistics and Supply Chain Management